Where Do I Start The Trail?

The beauty of the wine trail is that you can start at either end or anyplace in between. Keep this wine trail map/passport in your car and anytime the urge hits you, pick up the map and select a new destination.

How Long Will It Take To Complete the Trail?

Our wine trail covers nine wineries along a 100 mile trek of southern Indiana. You can easily visit all in a single weekend as long as you start early. However, we think it’s just as fun to extend the trail adventure over several weekends so you can really enjoy the experience of each location. It’s also a nice opportunity to meet new friends and take in the tastes and sites of the area. There are several lovely bed and breakfasts along the trail. Be sure to ask your wine makers about all the places of interest.

What Hours Are The Wineries Open?

Most of our wineries are open Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 6:00 pm. However, consult the individual winery hoursPLEASE NOTE that our western wineries are on Central Standard Time while the eastern wineries are on Eastern Standard Time. In inclement, you might want to call before traveling.

What Happens Once I’ve Visited All 8 Wineries?

The bounty of new wines you’ll discover are treasures in themselves, but if you finish the trial within one year, we’ll disclose one additional gift to keep as a momento of your Hoosier Wine Trail journey. Be sure to take this passport to each location to be stamped to verify your visits and qualify for the complimentary gift. Then be sure to share the word about the Hoosier Wine Trail with family and friends!